How to Talk to Your Spouse About Moving to Senior Living

October 1, 2023 | Assisted Living
how to talk to spouse about senior living

Growing older with the person you love is a beautiful thing. And as you approach retirement, you get to enter this next chapter of life together. However, this doesn’t mean that you and your spouse are aging in the same way. For instance, maybe your husband can no longer drive at night because of his vision, but you can. Or your wife is experiencing mobility issues while you’re not. 

As we age with our spouse, it’s important to recognize and plan for these differences. What happens if you or your spouse need more assistance than you currently have at home? And what happens if both of you need added support?

At Astral at Auburn, our independent living, assisted living and memory care community in Auburn, Indiana, is where life begins again! We celebrate what makes each resident unique and support couples and their families as they navigate senior living.

If you have been considering your options and are wondering how to talk to your spouse about senior living, our team is sharing things to consider, as well as ways to approach the conversation. 

Consider Caregiving Responsibilities

When one person in a relationship requires some form of care or support, providing care can look different for many couples. For instance, assisting your spouse with mobility or medication management differs from caring for someone living with dementia.

If you currently provide some level of care for your spouse, think about how it has impacted your health, lifestyle, and relationship.

Being a caregiver for a loved one can often create shifts in relationship dynamics. While this is certainly not intentional, it can develop unknown resentments and feelings of guilt, leading to mental health issues. 

If you have been considering senior living, use these situations as talking points behind your decision. For example, if you spend your days feeling more like your husband’s caregiver than his wife, moving to a senior living community can help you and your spouse reconnect and strengthen your marriage since you will no longer be solely responsible for handling his care needs.

Consider Future Needs

On the other hand, you and your spouse may still lead healthy, active lives, but you are interested in senior living because of the freedom and maintenance-free lifestyle it can offer your retirement.

In this case, highlight the benefits of moving to a senior living community, including having support available should you or your spouse’s care needs change in the future. At Astral at Auburn, our senior living community in Auburn, Indiana, has a full continuum of care so residents can continue to receive the support they need in the community they love.

Preparing for the Conversation

Before you begin the conversation, prepare yourself for any concerns or fears that they may have about the idea of moving to a senior living community. Understand that your spouse might not understand the physical and emotional toll that caregiving has taken on you and your relationship, so it’s important to explain clearly and calmly how you feel regarding your care responsibilities. 

The most important part of this decision is that it positively impacts the health and wellness of both partners. It can also be a good idea to research senior living communities in advance and note the amenities that you and your spouse could enjoy together. For example, many communities offer restaurant-style dining, social events, and activities that could allow you and your spouse to make new memories and explore new horizons together. 

Create a Plan Together

Once you’ve made your decision to move to senior living, start researching for the community that provides excellent care and plenty of amenities and conveniences for the both of you to enjoy. Some community factors to consider include: 

  • Location
  • Wellness Goals
  • Events and Activities
  • Community Culture
  • Dining and Enrichment
  • Assisted Living Services

Next, it’s important to make a moving plan and start the downsizing process. By staying proactive and determining which of your belongings, furniture and mementos you’ll be taking with you, you can ease the stress of a last-minute move. 

There is no “right time” to move to senior living. These communities aim to enhance older adults’ lives through care, conveniences and connection. Whether you or your spouse need more support now or are planning for the future, moving to a senior living community can positively impact your health, wellness and marriage. 

At Astral at Auburn, our independent living, assisted living and memory care community in Auburn, Indiana, is proud to offer a wide range of services and support to ensure that you and your spouse are able to make the most of your retirement and receive the support you both deserve. 

Contact our team today to schedule a tour and discover a senior living community worth exploring!

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