4 Tips for Moving to an Independent Senior Living Community

November 1, 2022 | Independent Living
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If you’re searching for a change of pace in your lifestyle or seeking the perfect environment to enjoy your retirement, look no further than independent senior living!

Independent living communities promote an active lifestyle, where residents can enjoy maintenance-free living and get back to the things that matter to them. Astral at Auburn’s independent living option offers the personal freedom you need to follow your passions and experience a close-knit community. 
But it can be challenging to know where to begin. After finding the right community, where do you go next? Here’s our guide to planning your move to an independent senior living community, so you can transition into this exciting new chapter with positivity and confidence.

1. Begin the Downsizing Process

Moving can be incredibly stressful for anyone, regardless of age or situation. When it’s time to move to senior living, it can become just as emotionally taxing as it is demanding. But thankfully, there are ways to combat these feelings and make the process smooth and easy. 

First, it’s crucial to plan your move, so you have all of the moving resources (like a moving company, boxes and necessary equipment) you need in a timely manner. Planning to move at least 3-4 months in advance can not only give you peace of mind but can also save you some money in the process! Research your local peak moving seasons to find the lowest prices from moving companies.

Invite friends and family members to help you pack your belongings; it’s always nice to have help when it comes to packing, but having loved ones around you can provide a cathartic and comforting environment. As you decide which of your belongings you want to keep, donate or sell, be sure to look back on memories with your relatives and friends. Go through old photos to re-live fun moments of the past, and start getting excited about your bright future. 

2. Rediscover Your Goals and Passions

When you were a small child, you probably had dreams and aspirations that now seem impossible and funny when you look back; whether you wanted to be an astronaut, a ballerina, a cowboy…the list probably goes on! 

As you move into the retirement phase of your life, think of your lifestyle opportunities similarly to how you did as a child. Obviously, becoming an astronaut or cowboy might not be the most logical choice, but it’s incredibly important to prioritize goals you might not have had the opportunity to participate in due to your career, family or other responsilities. 

Your retirement years are perfect for checking things off your bucket list or picking up old hobbies you might have forgotten you enjoyed. When you begin setting goals for your independent senior living journey, remember that just like when you were a little kid with big dreams, the world is your oyster! 

Our goal at Astral at Auburn is to ensure that residents have personal freedom to follow their passions and make every day fulfilling. Our Encompass self and well-being programs help residents discover their purpose for this exciting portion of life. 

Thanks to our premier amenities, there are so many opportunities to enjoy activity groups, special events and excursions and build connections.

3. Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Plan a schedule for visits with your family, where they can come and see your new community and enjoy the amenities and benefits with you. Show them around, enjoy a meal together and introduce them to your new fellow residents. 

Make sure to also stay connected with loved ones digitally. Whether through social media, texting, phone calls or even video call apps like Zoom or FaceTime, technology is a convenient way to feel close to those who matter the most to you!

Now that you’ve settled into your new space, it’s time to get acclimated to your independent senior living community. This is a great time to get to know your neighbors and the team members working within the community and ask as many questions as possible regarding social activities, events, amenities and benefits. 

Astral at Auburn also encourages residents to make the most of their senior living experience by exploring the beautiful surrounding town of Auburn, Indiana. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Auburn’s historic district as you dive into the town’s rich history. Afterward, stroll down Main Street and enjoy boutique shopping and exceptional dining! 

When you decide to move to an independent senior living community, you’re choosing to enhance your lifestyle. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the freedom and purpose that comes with maintenance-free living, so that your retirement years are well spent and full of joy!

Discover independent living with purpose at Astral at Auburn, and see why our community is where life truly begins again!

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