4 Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Community

January 15, 2023 | Senior Living
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Assisted living communities are ideal for older adults looking for support, connection, and community. These communities provide all the benefits of independent senior living but offer a helping hand, so that people are able to continue to live purposeful lives. If you or a loved one have begun noticing changes in behavior or ability to manage daily tasks, assisted living might be the perfect option to consider.

Astral at Auburn’s assisted living community in Auburn, Indiana, is dedicated to improving the wellness and lifestyle of every resident. Our specialized care staff is here to assist with any care requirements, and our enriching amenities and life programs ensure that residents are able to get the most out of their passions, goals, and lifestyle. 

Below we are sharing four things to look for when you begin your assisted living search.

1. Assess Your Needs

As you begin your search, it’s important to understand care needs. This can vary from person to person. Here are a few questions to ask yourself or someone you love:

  • Do you need help with medication management?
  • Have you been struggling with grooming, bathing or dressing? For instance, do mobility issues make it challenging to get in and out of the bathtub?
  • Is home maintenance becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with?
  • Do you have access to safe and reliable transportation?
  • Are you maintaining relationships and finding new opportunities for connection and socialization? 

Assessing “all aspects of a person’s mental, physical and environmental condition is one way to determine if your loved one needs assistance. This helps to evaluate his or her ability to remain safely independent and identify risks and ways to reduce them (AARP).”

2. Research Services Offered

After creating a list of needs and concerns, begin researching the services offered at each assisted living community you’re interested in. Ensure that each community has the necessary resources for your family’s unique needs so that you’ll be able to easily create a personalized care plan if you decide to move in. 

At Astral at Auburn, our services are an opportunity for residents to find purpose each and every day. Thanks to our highly-trained team members, residents have access to 24-hour support if and when they need it. We also offer transportation services, so that residents can enjoy the eclectic city of Auburn, Indiana, and discover all the attractions our town has to offer.

3. Consider Amenities and Programs

One of the best aspects of an assisted living community is the amenities! Amenities ensure residents are able to further explore their passions and hobbies, enjoy delicious meals and dining options, forge new friendships, and enjoy entertainment and connection. 

For example, if you want to explore fitness opportunities, ask if the community has a gym or a fitness-class program; this is a great chance to stay active and discover a new workout routine. If you’re creative, see what kinds of arts programs are available; for instance, an activity group focusing on a specific craft or even an art studio where you can express your creativity through painting.

4. Don’t Overlook Community Culture

Moving to an assisted living community is a challenging decision. For many, it can be challenging to admit they need additional care and support. This is why the culture of each community is essential for living your best life in assisted living. 

When an individual moves to a new community, it’s important to make sure there is a strong opportunity for social connections, so you can find peers and neighbors to form meaningful friendships with. Not only is this a chance to make new memories with new people, but it can also provide you with a strong support group as you make this new life transition. 

At Astral at Auburn, we understand the importance of community culture, and our mission is to celebrate a sense of belonging for each resident. Through our premier amenities, enriching social experiences and personalized care, we know you’ll live your best life at our assisted living community in Auburn, Indiana! Visit our website to discover assisted living with purpose.

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